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What is Tajweed !

28-1-2015 Admin General 2 Comments

What is meant by the term tajweed?
Tajweed is a set of rules by following which everyone can be able to pronounce the words in holy Quran correctly.
Why is tajweed important?
Correct pronunciation of Ayahs of Quran is very important in reading and understanding Quran correctly. For correct pronunciation, tajweed is the key for the reciter.
What is the basic purpose of Learn Quran and Tajweed(LQAT) website?
Learn Quran and Tajweed is a platform for all to learn reciting Quran with proper pronunciation. This platform is an effort made to ensure that learning Quran becomes easier for everyone.
How can one learn tajweed through this website?
To help people learn recite Quran properly, Learn Quran and tajweed organizes regular courses where well known reciters of the Quran are invited to offer lectures to the learners. These courses also serve the purpose of networking for people who want to stay in touch with other people from same school of thought and interests.

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Learn Tajweed: The Basics.

28-1-2015 Admin General 2 Comments

When anyone listens to the Quran being recited, it softens his or her heart. In many cases this recitation proves to be highly moving for the listener. As Quran is usually recited in Arabic, there many non-Muslims as well as Muslims, who do not understand the wording or the message clearly, but the impact of softening of heart, cannot be denied. Muslims have to recite some part of the Quran while offering their prayers too.

However, any of the Muslims do not realize the importance of pronunciation of the words of Holy Quran correctly. Arabic is a tricky language. Wrong pronunciation can lead to very different meanings of the words one is reciting. To ensure that these kinds of mistakes are not made while reading the message of the Holy book, tajweed is to be followed. To follow Tajweed correctly, it is important to understand what Tajweed actually is. The literal meanings of the word are to perform well, or to do something correctly. Tajweed as a concept for reciting Quran means following a set of rules which helps the readers and reciters of the Quran in pronouncing the words clearly and correctly. It is important to follow tajweed as Quran was revealed in this form which follows rules of Tajweed. It means if the reader or reciter is not following tajweed, the words will not be pronounced in a way they were meant to be. Learning Tajweed has become growingly more important with the passage of time.

This is because the followers of Islam were initially concentrated in a region where Arabic was the native language and they knew correct pronunciations of words. When Islam reached other regions, correct pronunciation became an important factor for reciting Quran for people not belonging to �Arab� region. That is when systematic learning of tajweed became really important to the Muslims.

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