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Tips to Learn Tajweed!

28-1-2015 Admin General 2 Comments

Tajweed is a set of rules which when followed helps the reciter in pronouncing the words of Holy Quran correctly and properly. Tajweed is a complete field of learning, which needs a lot of attention. As it deals with the Quran, attaining perfection in following tajweed is of utmost importance for the believers. It is a tough job to achieve. There are however few tips which can help in learning tajweed.

First of all, be a student of Tajweed. By being a student it is meant that it is important that when you learn tajweed, you let qualified tajweed teachers to listen to your recitation so that they can correct your pronunciation wherever you make a mistake. Listening to the lectures regarding tajweed is not enough. As a student of tajweed, one needs to ensure a lot of recitation practice and corrections by the teachers for continuous improvement.

Secondly, while the learners are busy learning the correct pronunciations, it is always wise to study the rules of tajweed time and again. By doing this, the reciter gets to remember the rules and in case of any confusion he or she is in the position to think and decide which pronunciation would be correct for a certain word. Although learning the rules and reciting in front of teachers time and again will help improving pronunciations, a very important tip towards better pronunciation is to listen to other people reciting. When selecting some reciter to listen to for correcting your own pronunciation, it is important that you select someone who is highly qualified and has correct pronunciation. If you listen to qualified reciters time and again, the correct pronunciations will be there in your sub conscious all the time, correcting you automatically whenever you tend to make a mistake. Another tip for learning tajweed is to follow some websites which offer regular tests and support material for learning tajweed.

As a rule, practice makes a man perfect. Same rule applies to learning tajweed too. The more the art of correct pronunciation is practiced, the better the reciter becomes. A golden tip for learning tajweed is to apply the rules you have learned to the surahs you have memorized already. The minor changes that you will learn to apply to the surahs you know by heart will help you improve your pronunciation overall. You will also be able to identify your mistakes more clearly in this way.

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Learning Quran Via Events.

28-1-2015 Admin General 2 Comments

Learn Quran and Tajweed is a platform for all to learn reciting Quran with proper pronunciation. This platform is an effort made to ensure that learning Quran becomes easier for everyone. To send this message across, the platform organizes regular events where well known reciters of the Quran are invited to offer lectures to the learners. These events also serve the purpose of networking for people who want to stay in touch with other people from same school of thought and interests.

Learn Quran and Tajweed has also organized events of competitive nature, to help the participants not only know more about Tajweed and correct pronunciation of the holy Quran, but also to create interest in other people to follow the same path. Events managed by Learn Quran and Tajweed has helped this platform in creating a learning community which is inter linked and acts as a support system for new learners.

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